Special week 3 of our Journey!

3.0 Solo Demo in grade 9 Masigasig

Why I said that this week was special? Because in this week; I would do my solo demonstration using Indonesian lesson plan. It was very challenging and exactly nervous. In this solo demonstration, I should teach the students from a different country, language and culture. It would be the most unforgettable experience that I have. Starting from the topic, my Supervising Instructor (SI) gave me a topic about “Basic parts of an essay”. My schedule for my solo demo was on Wednesday 18, 2019. But, unfortunately, there was a suspension from the government because there was a heavy rain brought by the Southwest Monsoon. So, exactly Ma’am Jonna rescheduled my solo demo. But, I was happy in that day because we were invited to the Tourism Week of Bayambang in Municipal Hall that was very near from my dorm. Therefore, I just walked to go there accompanied by Ma’am Pink and Ma’am Agnes. In this tourism week, there were many performances from some schools in Bayambang. I was interested with the performance of PSU students that was dancing “Pintaflores” song. After the opening of tourism week finished, we were invited to the Municipal Mayor Office. The name of the Municipal Mayor is Dr. Hon. Cezar T. Quiambo. The municipal mayor has lived in Indonesia for about 20 years. So, he can speak Bahasa Indonesia very well. I felt so proud to know that. Fortunately, the municipal mayor said that he wanted to invite all the student teachers to have a short trip in the afternoon and continued to dinner with the municipal mayor and his wife that is so beautiful. The short trip and the dinner would be conducted on Monday, 23 2019.

3.1 Tourism Week of Balon Bayambang

            Weekend was coming. I was happy to hear that we would go to Manila for the last trip. But, we also felt sad because our trip to Baguio, Vigan and Balinao was canceled because of bad weather. We went to Manila on Saturday at 4.00 a.m. and arrived at 9.30 a.m. the first place that we have visited was National Museum of Fine Arts. It was so beautiful to see many arts from many different artists. To enter this museum, you are not allowed to bring you big bag and you just need to bring a small bag. Then, you are forbidden to touch every art there and also forbidden to take a video. Then, we also forbidden to do ‘Waki pose’. In the first hall, we were explained by the guide about the museum and also the paint in the first hall. The paint created by Huan Lvna named Spoliarivm. After visiting national museum, we visited Rizal Park in the middle of the town. We took a picture and video together there. It’s very fun!

3.2 National Museum
3.3 Rizal Park

            The last destination was Mall of Asia as the biggest mall in Asia. We bought a lot of souvenirs there. I was interested with the mall because there was a beach view in front of the mall. It’s beautiful to see the sunset from the high building. We went back at 6.00 p.m. and arrived in Bayambang 1.00 a.m. then, we slept because we were so tired. Bye!

3.4 Mall of Asia

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