Happy Week 2 in Bayambang!

Picture 2.0 Balon Bayambang (we were 8 but another friends were behind the camera)

Hi! Welcome back to my second week in Bayambang!

In the second week, we had many observations especially in observing our friend that conducted their team teaching with the local buddies. Deta and I conducted our team teaching with Ma’am Melissa Joy De Guzman on September 11, 2019. Before doing the team teaching; we have talked a lot about our topic that would discuss about epic poetry. We learned our own part and also watched the video that would be played in the class. In this topic of epic poetry, we made a power point and also find a video of Beowulf, the old epic poem. The SEA Teacher participants and all the buddies have a basecamp as the place for talking and doing a discussion. We called this place as ‘Quarters’. Our quarter is located on Department of Communication and Art building in front of the teacher’s office.

The day of the team teaching came. We were doing a simulation in the morning in order to reduce our nervous. Our team teaching schedule was at 1.00 p.m.-2.00 p.m. I felt so nervous but it was reduced because I saw the students that were very respectful and friendly. They looked so excited. For your information, all the secondary school guidebook here is already using a literature as their topic starting from grade 7 that learn Philippines literature, grade 8 learn about  Afro-Asian Literature, grade 9 learn about Anglo-American Literature, grade 10 learn about world literature, grade 11 and 12 learn about 21st century literature. So, don’t be shocked if they also learn about poem elements, epic poem, etc. In this week, we just have a full observation and team teaching. Actually, we should have a trip to Baguio but, it was canceled because of the bad weather, accreditation and all the university transportations were used. Therefore, my dorm friends and I decided to go to the Bayambang market and went to Balon Bayambang. Balon bayambang is just like Alun-Alun in Indonesia. We bought many things for our needs such as vegetables, eggs, rice, etc. We usually cook and eat together. We collect our money 100 pesos for a week to buy the needs.

Picture 2.1 Full team

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