Week 1 in Bayambang Campus!

Picture 1.0 the PSU Building in Bayambang.

On September 3, The SEA Teacher participants came for the first time to the main building of Bayambang Campus to meet Ma’am Agnes as our faculty coordinator. In that day, Ma’am Agnes announced the SEA Teacher’s Supervising Instructor (SI) that will show us about how to make Philippines lesson plan format and also the one who assess us in solo demo and grand demo teaching. My supervising instructor was Ma’am Jonna Mae Belando Calambro. There were 12 SEA Teachers with English major in Bayambang campus. The six one were with Ma’am Jonna and the other six were with Ma’am Jannine. Then, We were also given a buddy that would accompany us everywhere and bring us to have a tour around campus. My buddy was Ma’am Hanna Grace Solis Tinasas. We had a tour around campus starting from the main building and also seeing each building that is existed in Bayambang Campus. All the buddies here are very friendly to us as the foreigner and very kindhearted. In that day, we had an opportunity to watch the school competition in the national language day of Philippines and we watched many performances from the students. They were dancing, playing a drama and singing. It’s great!

Picture 1.1 Buddy
Picture 1.2 National language of Philipine celebration

Then on September 5, I had an observation in Ma’am Jonna class at Grade 9 Masigasig. The students are very polite and also kind. Ma’am Jonna taught about communication in that class and using power point as the media. In the afternoon, Ma’am Jonna gave us a topic for our solo demo using Indonesian lesson plan and the topic for team teaching with our buddy. Team teaching was conducted before solo demo. In team teaching, The SEA Teacher assisted the PSU student teacher that was also our buddy. Our buddy was also a student teacher and they should make a lesson plan to get a score in their solo demo. I was paired with Ma’am Melissa Joy De Guzman and taught a topic of ‘Epic Poetry’ in grade 9 Masinop. My topic for Solo Demo was “Basic Parts of an Essay” and would teach on next Wednesday in grade 9 Masigasig. The deadline in sending a lesson plan to Ma’am Jonna was on Friday 6th of September. At the first time I read the guidebook of grade 7-10, I was so surprised that the high school students here have learnt about literature. I was shocked because I think; it is the topic for college student in Indonesia. The secondary school system in Philippines especially PSU is 4 years in Junior High School and 2 years in Senior High School. Therefore, I was so respect to this system of education.

Picture 1.3 Observation

On September 7, we were so happy because we went to Hundred Islands, Alaminos City. But, we also felt so shocked in the night before because the information of that tour was very sudden in the middle of the night without any preparation. We should be ready at 4.00 a.m. to go to Alaminos City. We have ready at 4.00 a.m. unfortunately; the bus came late and came at 5.30 a.m. then, we went to Alaminos happily. We arrived in Alaminos at 9.30 a.m. and the weather was very bad at that day. After getting there, we took a picture for a while. The ticket to go to the Hundred Islands was only 130 pesos and we could enjoy the islands. The rain came heavily when we were going to the Hundred Islands using boat. But, it didn’t make us give up seeing how beautiful Hundred Islands is. We came to the first island. The first island was Governor’s Island. It was so beautiful and we went up to the hill to see the view from the top of the hill. It was so tiring and I felt like I want to go down again. But, I didn’t give up. Finally, I saw a very beautiful view from the top. I can say that Hundred Islands was really like Raja Ampat in Indonesia. The islands were very clean. The next trip with boat was to Quezon Island in Hundred Islands. In this island, we ate our lunch with chicken adobo. Chicken adobo is the famous food in Philippines. We had a lunch accompanied by the heavy rain till all our dresses were wet. It was very unforgettable experience in the first weekend!

Picture 1.4 Hundred Islands

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