Hello Philippines!

I was waiting for the departure date since August because I have a full holiday in August. Then, 31st of August was coming. I departed from Juanda airport, Surabaya. I arrived at Manila on 31st of August at 5 p.m. and stayed at AAM Transient room near the airport to take a rest for a night while waiting for PSU Bus that picked me up at 1st of September.

On 31th August, My friends, Alqy, Desy, Satriya, and I were picked up by PSU Bus to go to Pangasinan Province. The trip took a time for about 5 hours. There were around 50 students of SEA Teacher and also there were the SEA TVET students in the bus. It felt so sleepy while in the trip. Therefore, almost all of us slept in the bus. 😊Then, we arrived at Bayambang at 7.00 P.M. There were 4 dorms for girls and 1 dorm for boys. The dorm was very comfortable and there were eight students in my dorm incuded me. Fortunately, We were all from East Java so that I could speak Java with them everytime. They were from Surabaya State University, Malang State University, NU University of Surabaya and me, from Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. We were taking a bath to refresh our body and taking a rest earlier because at 2nd of September, we would have an opening ceremony in PSU Main Campus, Lingayen.

Picture 2.0 All delegates from UMS in PSU with Dr. Sally A. Jarrin as the coordinator from PSU
Picture 2.1 All the delegates of SEA Teacher from Indonesia and Thailand

Continued to the opening ceremony, the bus picked us up at 12.00 P.M. and we arrived at Lingayen at 13.00 P.M. The opening ceremony was held in PSU Main Campus Hall. All the SEA Teacher participants used a traditional costum from their own region and country. Indonesian SEA Teacher participants used many different costums that was so beautiful and impressing. The SEA Teachers participants were from two different countries. Those were 41 students from Indonesia and 2 students Thailand. Then, Indonesian SEA Teacher participants sang the national anthem, ‘Indonesia Raya’ together. I felt very proud and cried in that time.

In that ceremony, they served us a traditional snack called ‘PUTO’. how about the taste? the taste was good and you don’t need to worry because it was made from cheese and flour. The taste is very similar to ‘APEM’ as the indonesian traditional snack, especially in Java island. The second snack was made from cassava and coconut as the toping. It was just like ‘GETHUK’. all the snacks tasted good. Then, we took a picture together and came back to Bayambang campus. Very nice day in PSU Main Campus, Lingayen!

Picture 2.2 PUTO

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