Welcome to The 8th Batch of SEA Teacher Program!

Picture 1.0 All the delegates of SEA Teacher from UMS with the coordinator, Mrs. Ratih

Augustus is the month of internship in my university, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS). There are many program of internships started from regular program and integrated program that includes international internship and outside –java internship. SEA Teacher is the new international internship program that is joined by faculty of teacher training and education, UMS. SEA Teacher (South East ASEAN teacher) is an internship program in terms of education that is held by SEAMEO (South East ASEAN Ministry of Education Organization) and handled by the association of all the ministers of education in ASEAN. Therefore, I am very interested to join this program because not all the students can be a delegate in SEA Teacher program held by SEAMEO. The requirements to join this program are able to speak English clearly and to pass the interview selection. The interview selection is held by the receiving university that will be the place of the student teacher in doing an internship. Before following the interview from the receiving university, there is also interview selection and test of the ability in reading a holy-Quran held by my faculty. The result of the faculty selection announced that there were five students who will join the SEA Teacher program. They were Sherly Rahmawati from English Education major placed in Pangasinan State University (Philipppines), Satriya Adika Arif Atmaja from Mathematic Education placed in Pangasinan State University (Philippines), Indah Susilowati from Elementary Education placed in Ateneo De Naga University (Philippines), Dyah Ayu Anta kusuma Putri from English Education placed in Phibulsongkram Rajabhat University (Thailand) and the last is Widya Nur Lathifah Candra from Biology Education placed in Phibulsongkram Rajabhat University (Thailand).

If you ask ‘What are the benefits of this program?’ exactly, there are many benefits in joining this program. Firstly, we will be challenged by the differences of education system and also the curriculum. Secondly, we will have many relations from different islands and countries. Then, we can share our knowledge in terms of cultures and languages. Fourthly, we can improve our English speaking skill by joining this program rapidly because we should speak in English everyday as our communication. Actually, there are still many benefits that cannot be explained. So, I dare you to join SEA Teacher in 2020 to feel the euphoria!

Picture 1.1 Released Ceremony held by UMS for all the integrated internship program

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