It’s Not a Goodbye. It’s a “SEE YOU AGAIN!” (WEEK 4)

Welcome back to my last story of this amazing program. In this week, we had our closing ceremony both in Bayambang and Lingayen. But before going to the closing ceremony, we had a planned tour with the municipal government as I said in my previous post. We had a tour on Monday 23, 2019 and the bus fetched us on 4 p.m. In this mini-tour, we went to the biggest bamboo statue located in St. Vincent ferrer Prayer Park, Bayambang. The construction process is not already done yet. But, we were excited to hear the story of this bamboo statue from Sir Rafael as our guide from the municipality. After going to Vincent Ferrer Prayer Park, we went to the bamboo factory that is used to produce the bamboo. We learnt many things from there. Starting from choosing a good bamboo, cutting process, carbonization process, etc.

4.0 St. VIncent Ferrer Prayer Park

Then, we had a dinner with the municipal mayor in Nina’s café after visiting the bamboo factory. The café was located in front of the municipal mayor’s house because that café was handled by the municipal mayor’s wife. We were welcomed by all the café’s crew and we were very pleased. They served many foods for us and it was very delicious. I love this beautiful and unforgettable experience!

4.1 Dinner with the municipal mayor

After the dinner, I prepared myself for my grand demonstration. I conducted my grand demonstration using Philippines lesson plan. I was really interesting to make the Philippines lesson plan because it would be my valuable experience. The Philippines lesson plan is simpler than Indonesian lesson plan. But, there are two types of lesson plan in the Philippines. Those are semi-detailed and detailed lesson plan. I used a semi-detailed lesson plan in my grand demonstration. Ma’am Jonna, as my Supervising Instructor (SI), gave a topic about “Outlining”. I prepared all the things that I need for this grand demo. My schedule was on Tuesday 24, 2019. I taught grade 9 Masinop. I love the students here because they are very friendly and respectful. They made me forget about my nervous feeling. So, I conducted my grand demonstration well.

4.2 Grand Demonstration

Wednesday 25, 2019 was a day when we should have our closing ceremony conducted in Bayambang campus. I was very happy because we had conducted all of my duties in this project. But, I was so sad because I would be separated from my beloved new families here and all the memories here. In this closing, we were given our evaluation form and also the final Grade Point Average (GPA). Then, my friends and I gave a performance. We sang a national song of  “Ibu Pertiwi” because we were sad about the condition of Indonesia at that time. Indonesia should face a problem and there were many demonstrations from the society. We cried while we were singing that song. We hope Indonesia would be better. Aamiin.

4.3 Closing Ceremony in Bayambang

Moving on the next day, on Thursday, the sea teacher students in Bayambang conducted a farewell party and invited all the buddies. We cooked Indonesian foods. Those foods were Nasi Kuning (Yellowed rice), Perkedel Kentang, Kambing-Kambing (Pisang Goreng ala Sulawesi), Fried egg, Ikan Bandeng, etc. it was a beautiful memory that could not be erased from my mind. We sang for all the buddies. The song was “Kesempurnaan Cinta by Rizki Febian” and “Perfect by Ed Sheeran”. Continued to the night after we had a time with the buddies, we had our own farewell party in the boy’s dormitory. We gave a remembrance for one and another. We sang and laughed together. Very unforgettable moment!

On Friday 27, we were fetched by PSU bus to go to the closing ceremony in Lingayen. At that day, we also should submit our self-report to PSU as the requirement. The most unforgettable moment in this closing was our performance. We, the sea teacher participants, danced Maumere (Traditional song of Indonesia comes from Nusa Tenggara Timur) and Kewer-Kewer together in the stage. Then, we took a picture together as a memory.

4.4 Closing Ceremony in Lingayen

Then on the day after, we were fetched again by the PSU bus to go to Manila and had our flight to go home. We cried and hugged each other because we didn’t know when we would be able to meet again. We said thanks each other and said “See you again!”

Thanks god for all this very unforgettable memory that I’ve ever had.

Thanks to SEAMEO that has conducted this program.

Thanks for UMS, as my university for sending me to this program and also big thanks to PSU as my receiving university.

Then, the biggest thanks send to my new beloved families in Bayambang campus that comes from many different islands in Indonesia and also different countries from Thailand and Philippines. I learned a lot from you. I learned a new culture, new language, new perspective and many more. THANK YOU!!!

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