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It’s Not a Goodbye. It’s a “SEE YOU AGAIN!” (WEEK 4)

Welcome back to my last story of this amazing program. In this week, we had our closing ceremony both in Bayambang and Lingayen. But before going to the closing ceremony, we had a planned tour with the municipal government as I said in my previous post. We had a tour on Monday 23, 2019 and the bus fetched us on 4 p.m. In this mini-tour, we went to the biggest bamboo statue located in St. Vincent ferrer Prayer Park, Bayambang. The construction process is not already done yet. But, we were excited to hear the story of this bamboo statue from Sir Rafael as our guide from the municipality. After going to Vincent Ferrer Prayer Park, we went to the bamboo factory that is used to produce the bamboo. We learnt many things from there. Starting from choosing a good bamboo, cutting process, carbonization process, etc.

4.0 St. VIncent Ferrer Prayer Park

Then, we had a dinner with the municipal mayor in Nina’s café after visiting the bamboo factory. The café was located in front of the municipal mayor’s house because that café was handled by the municipal mayor’s wife. We were welcomed by all the café’s crew and we were very pleased. They served many foods for us and it was very delicious. I love this beautiful and unforgettable experience!

4.1 Dinner with the municipal mayor

After the dinner, I prepared myself for my grand demonstration. I conducted my grand demonstration using Philippines lesson plan. I was really interesting to make the Philippines lesson plan because it would be my valuable experience. The Philippines lesson plan is simpler than Indonesian lesson plan. But, there are two types of lesson plan in the Philippines. Those are semi-detailed and detailed lesson plan. I used a semi-detailed lesson plan in my grand demonstration. Ma’am Jonna, as my Supervising Instructor (SI), gave a topic about “Outlining”. I prepared all the things that I need for this grand demo. My schedule was on Tuesday 24, 2019. I taught grade 9 Masinop. I love the students here because they are very friendly and respectful. They made me forget about my nervous feeling. So, I conducted my grand demonstration well.

4.2 Grand Demonstration

Wednesday 25, 2019 was a day when we should have our closing ceremony conducted in Bayambang campus. I was very happy because we had conducted all of my duties in this project. But, I was so sad because I would be separated from my beloved new families here and all the memories here. In this closing, we were given our evaluation form and also the final Grade Point Average (GPA). Then, my friends and I gave a performance. We sang a national song of  “Ibu Pertiwi” because we were sad about the condition of Indonesia at that time. Indonesia should face a problem and there were many demonstrations from the society. We cried while we were singing that song. We hope Indonesia would be better. Aamiin.

4.3 Closing Ceremony in Bayambang

Moving on the next day, on Thursday, the sea teacher students in Bayambang conducted a farewell party and invited all the buddies. We cooked Indonesian foods. Those foods were Nasi Kuning (Yellowed rice), Perkedel Kentang, Kambing-Kambing (Pisang Goreng ala Sulawesi), Fried egg, Ikan Bandeng, etc. it was a beautiful memory that could not be erased from my mind. We sang for all the buddies. The song was “Kesempurnaan Cinta by Rizki Febian” and “Perfect by Ed Sheeran”. Continued to the night after we had a time with the buddies, we had our own farewell party in the boy’s dormitory. We gave a remembrance for one and another. We sang and laughed together. Very unforgettable moment!

On Friday 27, we were fetched by PSU bus to go to the closing ceremony in Lingayen. At that day, we also should submit our self-report to PSU as the requirement. The most unforgettable moment in this closing was our performance. We, the sea teacher participants, danced Maumere (Traditional song of Indonesia comes from Nusa Tenggara Timur) and Kewer-Kewer together in the stage. Then, we took a picture together as a memory.

4.4 Closing Ceremony in Lingayen

Then on the day after, we were fetched again by the PSU bus to go to Manila and had our flight to go home. We cried and hugged each other because we didn’t know when we would be able to meet again. We said thanks each other and said “See you again!”

Thanks god for all this very unforgettable memory that I’ve ever had.

Thanks to SEAMEO that has conducted this program.

Thanks for UMS, as my university for sending me to this program and also big thanks to PSU as my receiving university.

Then, the biggest thanks send to my new beloved families in Bayambang campus that comes from many different islands in Indonesia and also different countries from Thailand and Philippines. I learned a lot from you. I learned a new culture, new language, new perspective and many more. THANK YOU!!!

Special week 3 of our Journey!

3.0 Solo Demo in grade 9 Masigasig

Why I said that this week was special? Because in this week; I would do my solo demonstration using Indonesian lesson plan. It was very challenging and exactly nervous. In this solo demonstration, I should teach the students from a different country, language and culture. It would be the most unforgettable experience that I have. Starting from the topic, my Supervising Instructor (SI) gave me a topic about “Basic parts of an essay”. My schedule for my solo demo was on Wednesday 18, 2019. But, unfortunately, there was a suspension from the government because there was a heavy rain brought by the Southwest Monsoon. So, exactly Ma’am Jonna rescheduled my solo demo. But, I was happy in that day because we were invited to the Tourism Week of Bayambang in Municipal Hall that was very near from my dorm. Therefore, I just walked to go there accompanied by Ma’am Pink and Ma’am Agnes. In this tourism week, there were many performances from some schools in Bayambang. I was interested with the performance of PSU students that was dancing “Pintaflores” song. After the opening of tourism week finished, we were invited to the Municipal Mayor Office. The name of the Municipal Mayor is Dr. Hon. Cezar T. Quiambo. The municipal mayor has lived in Indonesia for about 20 years. So, he can speak Bahasa Indonesia very well. I felt so proud to know that. Fortunately, the municipal mayor said that he wanted to invite all the student teachers to have a short trip in the afternoon and continued to dinner with the municipal mayor and his wife that is so beautiful. The short trip and the dinner would be conducted on Monday, 23 2019.

3.1 Tourism Week of Balon Bayambang

            Weekend was coming. I was happy to hear that we would go to Manila for the last trip. But, we also felt sad because our trip to Baguio, Vigan and Balinao was canceled because of bad weather. We went to Manila on Saturday at 4.00 a.m. and arrived at 9.30 a.m. the first place that we have visited was National Museum of Fine Arts. It was so beautiful to see many arts from many different artists. To enter this museum, you are not allowed to bring you big bag and you just need to bring a small bag. Then, you are forbidden to touch every art there and also forbidden to take a video. Then, we also forbidden to do ‘Waki pose’. In the first hall, we were explained by the guide about the museum and also the paint in the first hall. The paint created by Huan Lvna named Spoliarivm. After visiting national museum, we visited Rizal Park in the middle of the town. We took a picture and video together there. It’s very fun!

3.2 National Museum
3.3 Rizal Park

            The last destination was Mall of Asia as the biggest mall in Asia. We bought a lot of souvenirs there. I was interested with the mall because there was a beach view in front of the mall. It’s beautiful to see the sunset from the high building. We went back at 6.00 p.m. and arrived in Bayambang 1.00 a.m. then, we slept because we were so tired. Bye!

3.4 Mall of Asia

Happy Week 2 in Bayambang!

Picture 2.0 Balon Bayambang (we were 8 but another friends were behind the camera)

Hi! Welcome back to my second week in Bayambang!

In the second week, we had many observations especially in observing our friend that conducted their team teaching with the local buddies. Deta and I conducted our team teaching with Ma’am Melissa Joy De Guzman on September 11, 2019. Before doing the team teaching; we have talked a lot about our topic that would discuss about epic poetry. We learned our own part and also watched the video that would be played in the class. In this topic of epic poetry, we made a power point and also find a video of Beowulf, the old epic poem. The SEA Teacher participants and all the buddies have a basecamp as the place for talking and doing a discussion. We called this place as ‘Quarters’. Our quarter is located on Department of Communication and Art building in front of the teacher’s office.

The day of the team teaching came. We were doing a simulation in the morning in order to reduce our nervous. Our team teaching schedule was at 1.00 p.m.-2.00 p.m. I felt so nervous but it was reduced because I saw the students that were very respectful and friendly. They looked so excited. For your information, all the secondary school guidebook here is already using a literature as their topic starting from grade 7 that learn Philippines literature, grade 8 learn about  Afro-Asian Literature, grade 9 learn about Anglo-American Literature, grade 10 learn about world literature, grade 11 and 12 learn about 21st century literature. So, don’t be shocked if they also learn about poem elements, epic poem, etc. In this week, we just have a full observation and team teaching. Actually, we should have a trip to Baguio but, it was canceled because of the bad weather, accreditation and all the university transportations were used. Therefore, my dorm friends and I decided to go to the Bayambang market and went to Balon Bayambang. Balon bayambang is just like Alun-Alun in Indonesia. We bought many things for our needs such as vegetables, eggs, rice, etc. We usually cook and eat together. We collect our money 100 pesos for a week to buy the needs.

Picture 2.1 Full team

Week 1 in Bayambang Campus!

Picture 1.0 the PSU Building in Bayambang.

On September 3, The SEA Teacher participants came for the first time to the main building of Bayambang Campus to meet Ma’am Agnes as our faculty coordinator. In that day, Ma’am Agnes announced the SEA Teacher’s Supervising Instructor (SI) that will show us about how to make Philippines lesson plan format and also the one who assess us in solo demo and grand demo teaching. My supervising instructor was Ma’am Jonna Mae Belando Calambro. There were 12 SEA Teachers with English major in Bayambang campus. The six one were with Ma’am Jonna and the other six were with Ma’am Jannine. Then, We were also given a buddy that would accompany us everywhere and bring us to have a tour around campus. My buddy was Ma’am Hanna Grace Solis Tinasas. We had a tour around campus starting from the main building and also seeing each building that is existed in Bayambang Campus. All the buddies here are very friendly to us as the foreigner and very kindhearted. In that day, we had an opportunity to watch the school competition in the national language day of Philippines and we watched many performances from the students. They were dancing, playing a drama and singing. It’s great!

Picture 1.1 Buddy
Picture 1.2 National language of Philipine celebration

Then on September 5, I had an observation in Ma’am Jonna class at Grade 9 Masigasig. The students are very polite and also kind. Ma’am Jonna taught about communication in that class and using power point as the media. In the afternoon, Ma’am Jonna gave us a topic for our solo demo using Indonesian lesson plan and the topic for team teaching with our buddy. Team teaching was conducted before solo demo. In team teaching, The SEA Teacher assisted the PSU student teacher that was also our buddy. Our buddy was also a student teacher and they should make a lesson plan to get a score in their solo demo. I was paired with Ma’am Melissa Joy De Guzman and taught a topic of ‘Epic Poetry’ in grade 9 Masinop. My topic for Solo Demo was “Basic Parts of an Essay” and would teach on next Wednesday in grade 9 Masigasig. The deadline in sending a lesson plan to Ma’am Jonna was on Friday 6th of September. At the first time I read the guidebook of grade 7-10, I was so surprised that the high school students here have learnt about literature. I was shocked because I think; it is the topic for college student in Indonesia. The secondary school system in Philippines especially PSU is 4 years in Junior High School and 2 years in Senior High School. Therefore, I was so respect to this system of education.

Picture 1.3 Observation

On September 7, we were so happy because we went to Hundred Islands, Alaminos City. But, we also felt so shocked in the night before because the information of that tour was very sudden in the middle of the night without any preparation. We should be ready at 4.00 a.m. to go to Alaminos City. We have ready at 4.00 a.m. unfortunately; the bus came late and came at 5.30 a.m. then, we went to Alaminos happily. We arrived in Alaminos at 9.30 a.m. and the weather was very bad at that day. After getting there, we took a picture for a while. The ticket to go to the Hundred Islands was only 130 pesos and we could enjoy the islands. The rain came heavily when we were going to the Hundred Islands using boat. But, it didn’t make us give up seeing how beautiful Hundred Islands is. We came to the first island. The first island was Governor’s Island. It was so beautiful and we went up to the hill to see the view from the top of the hill. It was so tiring and I felt like I want to go down again. But, I didn’t give up. Finally, I saw a very beautiful view from the top. I can say that Hundred Islands was really like Raja Ampat in Indonesia. The islands were very clean. The next trip with boat was to Quezon Island in Hundred Islands. In this island, we ate our lunch with chicken adobo. Chicken adobo is the famous food in Philippines. We had a lunch accompanied by the heavy rain till all our dresses were wet. It was very unforgettable experience in the first weekend!

Picture 1.4 Hundred Islands

Hello Philippines!

I was waiting for the departure date since August because I have a full holiday in August. Then, 31st of August was coming. I departed from Juanda airport, Surabaya. I arrived at Manila on 31st of August at 5 p.m. and stayed at AAM Transient room near the airport to take a rest for a night while waiting for PSU Bus that picked me up at 1st of September.

On 31th August, My friends, Alqy, Desy, Satriya, and I were picked up by PSU Bus to go to Pangasinan Province. The trip took a time for about 5 hours. There were around 50 students of SEA Teacher and also there were the SEA TVET students in the bus. It felt so sleepy while in the trip. Therefore, almost all of us slept in the bus. 😊Then, we arrived at Bayambang at 7.00 P.M. There were 4 dorms for girls and 1 dorm for boys. The dorm was very comfortable and there were eight students in my dorm incuded me. Fortunately, We were all from East Java so that I could speak Java with them everytime. They were from Surabaya State University, Malang State University, NU University of Surabaya and me, from Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. We were taking a bath to refresh our body and taking a rest earlier because at 2nd of September, we would have an opening ceremony in PSU Main Campus, Lingayen.

Picture 2.0 All delegates from UMS in PSU with Dr. Sally A. Jarrin as the coordinator from PSU
Picture 2.1 All the delegates of SEA Teacher from Indonesia and Thailand

Continued to the opening ceremony, the bus picked us up at 12.00 P.M. and we arrived at Lingayen at 13.00 P.M. The opening ceremony was held in PSU Main Campus Hall. All the SEA Teacher participants used a traditional costum from their own region and country. Indonesian SEA Teacher participants used many different costums that was so beautiful and impressing. The SEA Teachers participants were from two different countries. Those were 41 students from Indonesia and 2 students Thailand. Then, Indonesian SEA Teacher participants sang the national anthem, ‘Indonesia Raya’ together. I felt very proud and cried in that time.

In that ceremony, they served us a traditional snack called ‘PUTO’. how about the taste? the taste was good and you don’t need to worry because it was made from cheese and flour. The taste is very similar to ‘APEM’ as the indonesian traditional snack, especially in Java island. The second snack was made from cassava and coconut as the toping. It was just like ‘GETHUK’. all the snacks tasted good. Then, we took a picture together and came back to Bayambang campus. Very nice day in PSU Main Campus, Lingayen!

Picture 2.2 PUTO

Welcome to The 8th Batch of SEA Teacher Program!

Picture 1.0 All the delegates of SEA Teacher from UMS with the coordinator, Mrs. Ratih

Augustus is the month of internship in my university, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS). There are many program of internships started from regular program and integrated program that includes international internship and outside –java internship. SEA Teacher is the new international internship program that is joined by faculty of teacher training and education, UMS. SEA Teacher (South East ASEAN teacher) is an internship program in terms of education that is held by SEAMEO (South East ASEAN Ministry of Education Organization) and handled by the association of all the ministers of education in ASEAN. Therefore, I am very interested to join this program because not all the students can be a delegate in SEA Teacher program held by SEAMEO. The requirements to join this program are able to speak English clearly and to pass the interview selection. The interview selection is held by the receiving university that will be the place of the student teacher in doing an internship. Before following the interview from the receiving university, there is also interview selection and test of the ability in reading a holy-Quran held by my faculty. The result of the faculty selection announced that there were five students who will join the SEA Teacher program. They were Sherly Rahmawati from English Education major placed in Pangasinan State University (Philipppines), Satriya Adika Arif Atmaja from Mathematic Education placed in Pangasinan State University (Philippines), Indah Susilowati from Elementary Education placed in Ateneo De Naga University (Philippines), Dyah Ayu Anta kusuma Putri from English Education placed in Phibulsongkram Rajabhat University (Thailand) and the last is Widya Nur Lathifah Candra from Biology Education placed in Phibulsongkram Rajabhat University (Thailand).

If you ask ‘What are the benefits of this program?’ exactly, there are many benefits in joining this program. Firstly, we will be challenged by the differences of education system and also the curriculum. Secondly, we will have many relations from different islands and countries. Then, we can share our knowledge in terms of cultures and languages. Fourthly, we can improve our English speaking skill by joining this program rapidly because we should speak in English everyday as our communication. Actually, there are still many benefits that cannot be explained. So, I dare you to join SEA Teacher in 2020 to feel the euphoria!

Picture 1.1 Released Ceremony held by UMS for all the integrated internship program